Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous

In AA you will probably find that your sponsor is a vital part of your program of recovery.


A few members may tell you that they got sober without the aid of a sponsor, and they may be telling the truth.

However, our AA experience tells us that you will have a much better chance with a sponsor than without one.


Your sponsor will listen to you and give you suggestions; tell you what works for them; point out trouble spots and help you decide what to do about them.

In other words, your sponsor helps you to understand the AA program and guides you along the path of recovery.


Though sponsors can’t solve all your problems they help you face up to them with honesty and courage, and find ways to solve them by using the AA program.


You can usually count on sponsors to do their part, and to encourage you to do yours.


Reprinted with the permission of Greater Milwaukee Central Office, Inc